At Believe Clinical Trials, we take pride in our unmatched expertise spanning across diverse therapeutic areas. We have adopted a patient-centric approach that places a strong emphasis on safety, compassionate care, and streamlined efficiency, all of which collectively contribute to expediting trial timelines.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment, providing an optimal environment for conducting research. In addition, our exceptionally well-trained research staff plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the data collected and maintaining strict compliance with all relevant regulations.

What sets us apart is our commitment to open communication and collaborative partnerships with sponsors, which in turn, fosters the development of strong and mutually beneficial working relationships. Through these partnerships, we are able to align our efforts with the goals of the sponsors, ultimately enhancing the success of the trials.

With a robust global and local reach, we have proven expertise in patient recruitment, a critical aspect of any successful clinical trial. We continuously strive for improvement in all aspects of our operations, from refining recruitment strategies to enhancing the overall trial processes.

At Believe Clinical Trials, we are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge, driving innovation, and improving patient outcomes. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in research, combined with our patient-centered values and collaborative approach, makes us an ideal partner for your research endeavors.

Research Staff

Our team consists of Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, as well as regulatory and quality assurance specialists. They undergo comprehensive training in Good Clinical Practices (GCP), standard operating procedures, and Dangerous Goods Transportation (IATA), among other areas. This ensures that we uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethical conduct, and scientific rigor in all of our endeavors.

Vendors and Specialists

Our research site maintains a close collaboration with local laboratories and state-of-the-art imaging facilities. Each facility is equipped with a diverse range of specialized research capabilities, and they are proud to host a dedicated team of highly trained research experts. This ensures that our projects not only benefit from their invaluable expertise but also leverage the advanced technological resources available.

In addition, we’ve forged strong connections with a network of specialists, including dermatologists, pulmonologists, and cardiologists. This collaboration allows us to enhance our research efforts and gain valuable insights across a wide range of medical disciplines.

Facilities and Equipment

At the heart of our research sites lies a cutting-edge infrastructure that serves as the cornerstone of our operations. Our facilities include CLIA-certified laboratories, private patient examination rooms, comfortable infusion spaces, securely double-locked storage rooms, secure medication storage, and comfortable monitoring areas. These spaces collectively cater to a diverse array of clinical trials, providing the ideal environment for conducting groundbreaking research.

✓   Refrigerated and Ambient Centrifuge.

✓   Emergency equipment.

✓   Dry Ice Availability.

✓   EKG Equipment.

✓   Freezer (-20°C).

✓   Refrigerators.

✓   High-Speed Internet access.

✓   Biohazard waste disposal.

✓   Phlebotomy chairs.

✓   Backup generator.